Friday, June 12, 2009

Does your Savoir Faire stand the test of time?

Since it is now Friday and the beginning of the weekend thought I would show a bit of savoir faire through the ages.

Below are some photos from a well known women’s magazine in Australia (which shall remain nameless). Each week they would have a feature called “What People are wearing’. It usually showed the society set, who had all the savoir faire in the world (for 1973 anyway) at various society functions generally being, glamorous, intelligent and oh so with it. Just goes to show that what is considered the height of style one year is so terribly de trop the next.

Original captions from the magazine are with the photos.

Mr and Mrs Tony Richardson at The Sunday Painters Exhibition held by Committee Members of the Peter Pan Kindergartens at their Paddington Headquarters. Mrs. Richardson looks stunning in velvet flares and matching jacket.'

'Peta Oxer was a guest at the annual dinner dance held by members of the Avant Garde Committee at the Menzies Hotel (Sydney) in aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind. The Gold fish pendant Peta wore with her beautifully styled shantung dress added an unusual touch.'

The thing that I am wondering is that there was an “Avant Garde Committee” and that they had regular soirées like the one Ms. Oxer was attending and why wasn’t I invited?
'Mrs Kym Bonython wore a New Guinea tribesman's mask and an animal printed silk dress to the Night of Fantasy arranged by the Pied Piper Committee and held at the Elizabeth Bay home of the Cedric Symonds'

So style mavericks, think carefully before posing on that staircase, cigarette and drink in hand, wearing chartreuse, think to yourself, “Is this going to stand the test of time?”


  1. The funny thing is, that stunning velvet pantsuit wouldn't look terribly out of place on a fashionista today - if said fashionista were male.

  2. TJB- Are you feeling OK today? Yes it is a stunning pant suit, but........

  3. LOL - I didn't say it would look good, mind you. But that color, the fabric - it's all very trying-to-be-fashiony men's Versace/Gucci-esque. Trust me, I've seen similar get-ups on some of these gals in Chelsea.

    Oh, and I used the adjective "stunning" merely as an echo of the original caption! Although, we might be stunned if we came across such an ensemble.

  4. Shantung needs a renaissance, I think.

  5. TJB- Yes, you are right! Here I was thinking that you had fallen of the savoir faire bandwagon! Yes we would be stunned.

    Jason- Shantung is such an under used word these days, as you say it needs a renaissance, I will get my seamtress to run us up something

  6. My neighbor had a Siamese cat named Shantung. However, it was not gold and it did not wear pendants, unless you counted its collar. A missed opportunity perhaps.

  7. Almost Heaven or are you Texan now? too funny! That cat could have gone places!


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