Monday, July 6, 2009

Decorating Savoir Faire

Shabby Chic. MMmm, a movement of interior decoration that conjures to mind lots of frills, flounces, white distressed furniture, and increasingly feminine schemes. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it can reach overkill very quickly. However just a few of the right pieces in the right setting and you can create interiors that are both eclectic, and stunning at the same time. I say buy the furniture then accessorise with things that are not necessarily in the shabby chic vein.

Here are some of the pieces I have already or are coveting. I have also teemed some design classics which are poles away from the ‘shabby chic’ style such as the Wassily Chairs and the cowhide rug with the glass fronted cabinet. To look at each piece individually they are in totally different design ranges, but together they seem to work.

I am currently coveting the two chairs below and am just looking for ways to make them work with what I already have. The obelisks currently sit on a cream lacquered Chinese sideboard, and I am looking for the perfect piece of art to hang in between them.

So whatever your decorating style is, have fun with it and mix and match for some savoir faire.


  1. David! The B3?!? Really?!??! There is something about that chair that irks me to no end. But the two floral ones a quite sophisticated. You have to see my couch!

    Also... Next Friday doesn't work for me... How about Thrusday the 16th?


  2. Ok Kelly, Yep the B3 and we have two of them! They are a decorating staple! Sofa is great, did Simon have a say in that one?? Love the wooden base, so much better than the usual steel that you see.

    The two florals are from Le Chatelet, they are on their website. Not sure how much they are.

    16th would be OK, is you Mum good for Thursday<

  3. I'm still lusting after a cowhide...but I've realized it's maybe just a misplaced lust for a zebra skin.
    Oh, and I want that sideboard! Nothing misplaced about that.

  4. Jason, I too have a secret lust for Zebra (skin that is)


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