Friday, July 24, 2009

Evening Savoir Faire

Ok, so you all know that I am a creature of habit and what I eat my breakfast off, so here is another habit I have, and that is my evening cup of tea. It is a nice little pleasure and here is one of my favourites to drink it out of. Of course tea selection does vary from a robust orange pekoe to maybe a tisane, depending on my mood.

Lomonosov china - often considered Russia's finest china (if there was any contest). The china factory was founded in 1744 by decree of Empress Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great, and named for Russia's famous 18th century academic scientist and writer, Mikhail Lomonosov. Using alabaster porcelain technology, the china is whiter than usual, delicate and translucent, so translucent that you can almost see through it, not to mention the lovely tonality of the ring, when you tap the side of the cup with your finger. .

I start the morning with a bang in Acapulco courtesy of Villeroy and Boch and end the day in Russia, courtesy of Lomonosov!


  1. I just found your blog from your reply on the blog A Townhouselady's Life. I'm loving it.

  2. lovely posting....

    fancy a cup of tea?

  3. Love the tie in to your breakfast piece.

  4. Diane J - Many thanks, Your blog made me laugh!

    David John- Thanks, Yes Please! Where and when?? LOL

    Laura- I tray and make it all relevant someway or another!

  5. How lovely. You can't go wrong with lovely cobalt and white pattern. So elegant.

  6. Lomonosov china is my ALL TIME favorite tea china. I'll never forget the moment when I held a Lomonosov tea cup in my hands for the first time. I was served some of the finest green tea in it, but you know what? Forget about the tea - all I remember is the delicate touch of the lightweight fragile china with its gorgeous pattern. Completely transformed the way I look at porcelaine today...
    Stylish blog! I'm a follower now.

  7. Green - I do agree with you, it seems to be far better porcelain than english (except maybe Shelly, which has the quality, but lacks sometimes on the decoration)
    Glad you like my blog!


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