Monday, July 20, 2009

More Savoir Faire on the Lips

I remember as a child playing with a little brass pig that my mother had given me. This little pig was full of surprises. Not only was it a great plaything, but a highly decorative and functional item as well. For a small boy it was not only enough that you could play with it as an object, but it had moveable parts as well.

Pull the head off and you were confronted with a long brass tube. In the pig’s other life it was lipstick holder!

My mother had received it from a gentleman admirer in the 1950’s after one of his recent trips to Paris. I am not sure who had made it as the only markings are Paris-Depose, however it just oozes of surrealistic undertones and savoir faire. I am sure a few eyebrows were raised when my mother would pull this out of her purse to touch up her lips in a powder room somewhere. I still have this little pig and I still love it.

Truly an article de-luxe, that carries with it a lot of panache and savoir faire!


  1. I'm swooning. What a wonderful and odd item.

    Yet, while it is fantastic, I wonder why they decided that a little piggy would be perfect for holding lipstick?

  2. Yep, a bit strange, there must be a story behind it somewhere


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