Thursday, July 16, 2009

Savon Faire!

Ok, I am a sucker for good soap and for good packaging, so if you put both of them together, well…... I am in heaven. Since time immortal soap has come a long way, with a virtual plethora of different soaps on the market from the humble toilette soap to incredible savons de luxe.

I always used to try and buy the matching soap to my colognes, however nowadays this is becoming increasingly difficult as the days of layering fragrance seems to have fallen out of fashion for men at least.

I am always on the hunt for good soap, but find myself falling back to a few old favourites, that not only do the job of keeping me clean, but look good in or out of their packaging.

One of my favourite brands is from Roger & Gallet, that veritable French Perfumery which has been around seemingly forever. I love the fact that the soaps come in their own plastic travelling case, so that they are instantly portable for vacation. Actually love all of R & G’s products!

Who knew that the Portuguese were any good at making soap, however two stellar brands come out on top on the soap scale.

The first being Luxo Banho soaps from Portugal. This giant luxury bath bar became the toast of Europe during the decorative 1920’s. The ornate Art Deco became synonymous with the new glamour and chic of modernism and is still available today.

The second Portuguese contender is Claus Porto founded in 1887. I love their packaging and the soap itself is milled 7 times. These can be bought singularly or in wonderful gift boxes containing several different bars, and the effect of all the labels is just brilliant.

Last on the list but by no means forgotten is one that we would always think of our mothers or grandmothers’ using is Yardley’s Old English Lavender. This is a true classic, as who can beat the scent of lavender for man or woman.
So lather up with some savoir faire and enjoy!


  1. Great posts!! I buy most of my soaps from LUSH.

    I love to layer scents, the soap/showergel, and then a lotion, and an nice cologne.

  2. YSLguy, I used to get some from LUSH, but the scents got a little bit two overpowering for me. I still like to layer however am finding it difficult to find the soap that matches the cologne

  3. I love those Claus Porto soaps. I always hem and haw about which one to try next or to just get another one of my standby favorites. Decisions, Decisions!

    Yardly's Lavender, sigh. My Grandmother and Grandfather in England always used this. Every time I smell it I am transported back to the their tiny little thatched roof cottage.

  4. THL, Yardley Lavender, such an underated scent/product

  5. Funny enough those soaps are only made for export. Can not be found here in Portugal. But you should try tar soap («sabão de alcatrão»), although the name is not very appealing (nor the package), it is the best one. Get it here.

    Sorry to say but Roger et Gallet it's hideous as a washing soap! It will damage your skin. I use them only to scent drawers.

  6. Fabulastic- Isn't that always the case, the best left for export! I will try the tar soap. I have noticed that R&G have declined in quality over the years, but love them I do!

  7. I have to admit I love the lavender soap from yardsley even though I rarely buy it -it may be time to go at it again!

  8. AD- yes time for you to buy some Yardley!


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