Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Night Savoir Faire

Gee, since it is Friday and I am not doing anything special tonight after our sojourn in Montreal last weekend, I was thinking mmm where would I be going for drinks tonight if I was back in Sydney? The Establishment of course! Alas I am not back in Sydney, so I will have a gin on my balcony overlooking the carpark instead.


  1. I'm going to day dream that I'm there! While I paint my bathroom...

  2. I love the Establishment - great decor and good atmosphere. The Hemmes family certainly do have wonderful style. I have not been to the Ivy but by all accounts that is pretty fab too. Thank you for visiting French Essence, great to meet you. xv.

  3. Laura- Day dream away! Hope the bathroom looks good!

    Vicki- Yes the Hemmes family has style. Remember Mr John and Merrivale? I used to shop there alll the time!

    Tamstyles- Many thnaks


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