Thursday, August 6, 2009

Savoir Cuff!

I always think that nothing is more elegant than a French cuffed shirt set off with a pair of wonderful cufflinks. Nothing to flashy mind you, just a discreet highlight on the cuff, just enough for people to notice.

My favourite pair of cufflinks are a pair that one of my Great Uncles had bought back from France after the Great War. They are four French coins linked together by a discreet silver chain. I love wearing these!

A pair of cufflinks on my wish list are the ones below from Seattle based Smersh designs. These are made of an interesting blend of materials. Handmade by a husband and wife team in Seattle each pair is filled with natural cork, surrounded by expresso-colored concrete, and then set handsomely in sterling silver.
And of course who wouldn’t want the Georg Jenson pair below??


  1. Those Georg Jenson cufflinks are insanely awesome.

  2. THL-they also look dangerous, that is also why I love them

  3. I had a cuff link obsession a few years ago, but have resigned myself to the fact that, on my small frame, extra adornment, no matter how tastefully designed, just doesn't look right - and French cuffs, no matter how well fitted, absolutely engulf my insanely thin wrists. (No limp wrist joks, please.) It kills me, because I have some fabulous links, new and antique. I just can't bear to part with them on eBay, though. They're just too beautiful.

  4. I adore cuff links. I love the Jenson...perfect touch of bad boy!

  5. TJ- What a shame! You can always spend an afternoon on your chaise just looking at the cufflinks and admiring! No harm in that


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