Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ancient Savoir Faire

The ancients sure knew how to adorn themselves with savoir faire. There is something also to be said for less is more. All these are deceptively simple but boy do they create an impact!

Greek Necklace
Cypriot Necklace

Egyptian Necklace and Earings

Persian Ring

Greek Bracelets


  1. These are great pieces. I used to collect antiquities with a concentration on items with animal motifs. Now I wish that I had collected ancient jewelry. There is something so special about wearing a piece of jewelry that was used as adornment 1000-2000 years ago.

  2. Where did you find these?! Those cuffs...spectacular...and that ring...oh, and the necklaces. Love them all!

  3. Jill, my sources are secret! I have first dibs on the ring, and yes the cuffs are spectacular!

    Belle, I agree with you about wearing something that someone 2000 years ago wore before you!


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