Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shocking Pink Savoir Faire

MMmmm, Shocking pink the colour immortalised by Schiaparelli in the 1930’s is one of my favourites.A colour so bold and enticing that it slaps you in the face! Such influence did Schiaparelli have that on the pink, is that it is known as Shocking Pink as everything was shocking for her. Her autobiography was named “Shocking Life”, her perfume “Shocking” and skincare ranges “Shocking Radiance”.

Shocking Pink has had a prominent place in fashion over the decades however lets not forget that the colour appears quite often in nature in the most unusual places.

The Shocking Pink Milipede from Thailand. I actually think that the whole shape of this would make the most wonderful bracelet!

Shocking pink striped agate!

And what would summer be, without bouganvillia!

The Louboutins below

If you are brave enough, something mught suit you inside below.

Who can forget Zandra Rhodes, who took it one step further and dyed her hair Shocking Pink! (One of the first to do so)


  1. So many of my favorites- Zandra, Agate and Schiaparelli!

    Welcome back!

  2. A sublime selection
    of shocking pinks .. . .


  3. p.s.

    I so agree with your choice for tea-
    100% Karl !

  4. Glad you all enjoy! I just love this colour!

  5. I love shocking pink! It's such a vibrant happy color...it is the "navy blue of India" after all. I must put that book on my reading list


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