Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pooling Your Resources with Savoir Faire

As we head into Day 4 of the heat wave here in Toronto and the eastern US, I am pining away for a decent swimming pool here in Toronto to cool off in. Having been rather spoiled in Australia where every country town has a decent sized pool, I am longing for a dip with some savoir faire.

One of my favourite pools is Andrew Boy Charlton pool in Sydney. Perched on the edge of the harbour next to the business centre, where there was always a mass exodus at lunch times of gentlemen in their suits and ladies in their stilettos, down to the pool for a dip to cool off before returning to the office perfectly dressed and cool.

Another fabulous pool in Melbourne is the lap pool of the Adelphi Hotel. Overhanging the street by a metre or so, it is a surreal experience swimming here.

On a recent trip to Egypt the pool at the Grand Hyatt was a welcome relief after hot days of sightseeing. This time perched over the Nile; it was just wonderful to watch the sun set over Cairo of an evening, now being deliciously cool after sightseeing.

Here are some other pools that given half a chance I would be like to lounging around today with savoir faire!

Hotel Fullerton Singapore

Mykonos Grand

Oberoi Amarvilas Agra

Oberoi Rajvilas, India

Australian High Commision, Colombo

And for the ultimate in infinity pools, the new Marina Bay Sands in Saingapore!


  1. Here in DC it seems most apartment buildings have a pool and many homes. This summer has started early this year as the hottest on record, but this is pretty typical for August and Sept. I'm now just looking forward to a cold spell!

  2. OMG that Marina Bay Sands infinity pool is just magnificent.

  3. Architect, yes a nice cool spell would be nice. Hopefully next week.

    Bell, Marina Bay looks stunning. I belive it is 55 stories high.

    Jill, when do we leave?

  4. wow that pool in Melbourne might just give me a bit of an adrenaline rush, and the Marina Bay Sands has an amazing view but still everything related to Greece seems to attract me so it's no wonder that I like the Mykonos Grand pool so much, plus the hotel is also very beautiful.

  5. Spoiled, it is such a sureal experience looking at it and swimming in it. I am with you on Greece! Mykonos even for all the tourists etc, is just wonderful.


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