Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sandal Faire!

With summer in full swing, sandals are the way to go for a look full of savoir faire. I detest flip flops, even at the beach and that biggest of all fashion no no’s, sandals and socks! No matter what you might see on the runways of Europe it just is not a good look!

Here are a few of my favourites for this summer, with the Kurt Geiger being my favourites!
Kurt Geiger




  1. Hi, you have an interesting blog.
    I'll follow.
    What was your favourite 80s outfit?

  2. I like the Burberry ones. Without socks!

  3. those burberry ones are killer! have to admit a sad little secret, i had the hugest crush on Mr. Modra, my maths teacher. and wait for it...sadly, he was a sandals and socks wearer.

    thank god our taste improves with age

  4. I love leather sandals on men, with or without socks. I find them very southern European.

  5. A friend of mine wears black sandals with white socks. AAUUUUGGHHHH. He is a sensitive soul so I have said nothing.

  6. Regarding your comment on my blog...
    You have a very good eye but the illustrations are mine. I interned and eventually became an assistant to Antonio Lopez back in the day so naturally my early work reflects that. For you to mistake my work for his is a compliment.
    Click on Antonio Lopez in my categories box to read the full story.
    Thanks again for the comment and the compliment.

  7. Joe, Many thanks for visting! As to my fav 80's outfit, as I had similiar hair to Martin Fry out of ABC I kind of adopted that look of glam with a few twists. Your blog is cool.

    Jules, I seems that Mr. Modra must have been one lucky fella, I wonder if he is sans socks now?

    Belle, I am still not convinced!

    David M, see reply on your blog.

  8. David M, you are so kind, however are you sure a fashion intervention is not in order?

  9. Hi David. Thanks for your lovely comment today on my blog - great to see you there! Paris in 1981, stationary by Pierre Cardin - too much fabulous for one comment!

    Now following :) Will


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