Friday, July 9, 2010

Under Cover Savoir Faire

After a long week of torturous temperatures it has finally cooled down and is raining! Out comes my trusty black Fulton Brolly to keep me dry.

I have always liked the original Dior logo, formulated back in the late seventies, way before we bacame logo mad. I always thought it was elegant and sophisticated. Vintage logo makes all the difference compared to the newer tripe which is out there today.


  1. I think it's the typeface - one of my favorites!

  2. Every gentleman needs to own a proper, full-sized brolly - not one of those collapsable thingies. I have one in black, and one in khaki. You can, of course, get insanely expensive, bespoke models; and only slightly-less costly ones at, say, Bergdorf; but for my money, Brooks Brothers is the best, relatively inexpensive, tasteful way to go.

  3. Architect, yes now that you mention it, it is the typeface. The newer version seems to have been messed with ever so slightly.

    TJ, I agree, I hate these cheap little black collapsable things thet seemed to multiply like rabbits.


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