Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who has more Savoir Faire?

It is nothing new now for a designer to pose for their own advertising, sort of helps sometimes to put a face behind the name. Posing naked is nothing new also. YSL first did when launching his new men’s fragrance in the early 70’s and now we have Marc Jacobs going down the same path.

Who has more savoir faire?


  1. Ick - YSL was tasteful and beautiful. Marc Jacobs looks like cheap, homemade porn. I don't want to smell like THAT!

  2. The one who doesn’t look like a porn star has more savoir faire!

    I hope he knows when to stop…a look at the current incarnation of Thierry Mugler astounds. Regarding this ad and that of the latest Tom Ford fragrance, one would have to say that that they’ve pushed the limits when one thought that the ability to shock had been long been lost.

    Amazing to see Jacobs evolve from a shy kid, rather bookish looking, then to a dumpy, frumpy fat guy, to a tattooed and toned gym dandy personality with a hint of infamy, happily soaking up media coverage like John Galliano.

    I understand that there are different versions of ads this product for the Middle East and the Midwest. I guess the rest of the world is considered progressive enough to accept it, although I don’t know about the Vatican. But then there are lots of frescos with naked people there, so maybe it isn’t such a big deal. What difference does it make if it is a cloud, fig leaf, or perfume bottle covering the strategic zone, as long as it is covered?

    No doubt we live in the era of the celebrity designer. They draw a great deal of attention and publicity, and commercially, none of that is bad. Does it sell stuff? I’ll bet it does. In this instance, LMVH certainly gets a lot of BANG for their commercial buck!

    Thanks for being the first to draw this to our attention; interesting discussion for the fashionable cocktail party.

  3. Has Tom Ford ever posed naked?

  4. Everything I could ever have said was said by those three there.
    I heartily concur.
    Especially by Jill.

  5. Has Tom Ford ever posed naked? That's like asking if John Galliano has ever flat-ironed his extensions. He had a naked towel fight photo spread in NY Mag and posed nude in bed with a woman (of all things!) for W a few years ago.


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