Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cocktails Au Go Go

I just love the fact that these travelling cocktail cases just exist! Nothing could have said savoir faire more than pulling up by the side of the road in your Hispano, and whipping out said cocktail case and mixing a martini for yourself and travelling companions! One question is what did they do for ice?

Obviously nowadays drinking and driving is a big no no, however on your next road trip make sure you have a dedicated driver. Otherwise these would go fabulously with your outdoor picnic set for a picnic!

I just couldn’t resist showing this wonderful set in the form of a chemistry set. Mixing cocktails is like chemistry, they have to be just right, however in this case it gives the phrase “name your poison” a whole new slant!


  1. MUST HAVE! No wait! I am fortunate to have picked up the silver shaker with Reamer & round case at an antique sale a while back!

  2. Totally F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald!

  3. Cocktails out and about is too fabulous for words. Who would say no to a little impromtu cocktail action? Not me!

  4. i love this post. brings me warm feelings of nostalgia. xoxo :)

  5. Ashlina, many thanks for stopping by.

    Will, I am sure you are having one as I write!

    Belle, you have hit the nail on head.

    Il Duce, you lucky thing!

  6. I broke my wine bottle opener last night! I had a small meltdown while looking for another...sad state of affairs!

  7. Jill, I hope that you found it! You don't want to go through the weekend dry.


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