Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lacroix and Patou

Before Christian Lacroix set out by himself in 1987 he was at the helm of Jean Patou. Now unfortunately both Patou and Lacroix no longer produce clothes. Patou has been reduced to a shade of its former glory with just perfumes which are waning in today’s markets, and Lacroix always teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

Recently this year the last Haute Couture collection for Jean Patou by Christian Lacroix went up for auction. This was a chance for bidders to purchase the end of an era and the beginning of the next.

The creations hold that un-mistakable Lacroix style, while maintaining some of the Patou design aesthetic, which is important. We have the juxtaposition of a couture house trying to maintain its design roots and the birth of another brand new house as Lacroix then left to start off on his own. When he took over at Patou the house was flagging, and Lacroix seduced us all with fabulous, luxurious shows, which put himself and not Patou in the limelight. There had not been a new opening of a couture house in Paris since Saint Laurent in 1961, and Lacroix’s timing was impeccable. However as the 90’s wore on it became obvious that couture was no longer becoming viable.

The collection after being shown was never produced as Patou cancelled it and it went straight into the archives.

With all the rebirths happening or rumoured to happen, I think that Patou is a prime candidate for a relaunch. Maybe Christian should go back.


  1. C O N G R A T U L A T O N S and T H A N K S!
    The very best post of the day!

    I M E A N I T. No empty phrase!


  2. Joe, you are way too kind! Many thanks for all your wonderful comments!

  3. oh wow, a hidden treasure chest of goodies, how interesting. love the raspberry ripple gown, that is stunning.

  4. Those designs are so exuberant and joyful. I think it would be wonderful if the House of Patou would be back in the news. It is such an historic and prestigious house; it represents quality and modernism, much like Chanel.

    I read somewhere that Joy perfume is now discontinued in Canada. If true, that would be terrible.

  5. Jules, yes a virtual treasure chest of wonderfulness hidden for so many years.

    SWF, yes, the House of Patou would be wonderful for a comback. It is a shame that classic perfumes like Joy from such historical houses are no longer available in certain countries. I am finding the venerable classics such as Joy, Cabochard, Ma griffe etc are now the domain of the discount perfume sellers.It is terrible as you say. Thanktou so much for all your comments.


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