Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Savoir Faire

After posting on the Balenciaga and Saint Laurent men’s collections last week, which I was extremely disappointed with, thought it would be nice to start the work week off with some clothes that I would actually purchase and wear!

I have soft spot for that veritable French House of Carven. Little known these days and just a shade of its former self the house has struggled over the last decade or so to find a niche and survive. Founded in 1945 by Madame Carven who turned 100 last year the house has gone through several reorganisations over the last couple of years.

Now concentrating on ready to wear and under the directorship of Guillaume Henry, the house has refined its direction in tune with the 21st century.

The winter 2010 collection for men is simple paired down classic elegance which is instantly wearable. This is for the man who appreciates good quality and modernity without going over the edge. Good essentials to mix and match, however I do think a little splash of colour wouldn’t go astray, as some of it is a bit too muted, however will let you be the judge.


  1. Great classic outfits. I'm never impressed when the design houses try to something "innovative" and "other worldly". It's one is going to actually wear that. Create beautiful clothes like these that men will actually be seen wearing.

  2. Nice. Those grey pants are a good pick.

  3. LOVE them - everyone needs to update the basics in their closet occasionally. These are all about the fit which looks impeccable for ready to wear!

  4. YES! YES! YES!
    I love EVERYTHING!
    That's how I want men look like!!!
    I'm waiting for a picture of you wearing something like that!

  5. Everyone, yes they are classics aren't they and instantly wearable.

    Joe, mmm could be waiting a while! LOL

  6. I am officially on the hunt for a new grey flannel suit.

  7. Ricola, a classic if there ever was one!


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