Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Saint Laurent Miss!

What are they doing in Paris? Menswear collections for 2011 from the major houses are just not pushing my buttons. First we had Balenciaga with few pieces that I actually liked and looked more like it came from H&M, and now Saint Laurent, with a silhouette that is hardly flattering.

It seems that they all must have got together before putting pencils to sketchpads and agreed on a few things, like high waists, thick belts or cummerbunds and pleated trousers. I wonder if they all just tossed a few ideas into a hat over drinks one night pulled some out and said, ok are we all in agreement?

I am sorry all you hip young guys out there, but pleated trousers are just not flattering! Believe me they are not, no matter how many times you see them on the catwalk! There a re a few elements harking back to menswear of the 1930’s otherwise I am sorry to say, I think it is boring.


  1. oh no...

    The right ones from the first and second pic made me FOFL!

  2. Here, here. Not feeling any of these outfits.

  3. Total agreement...this Season has been a total snooze.

  4. I dunno. I kinda like the fez :)


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