Friday, August 13, 2010

Savoir Faire in Cologne

I am such a devotee of eau de cologne. Not the stuff that is called ‘eau de cologne’ that is just watered down versions of perfumes on the market these days, but the real stuff usually from Cologne in Germany hence the name.

4711 (see post on 4711, Roger & Gallet’s jean Marie Farina and Atkinson’s Gold Medal are all favourites. Eau de Cologne is a classic pick me up without being overwhelming especially in these hot months of summer

I had heard of Johann Maria Farina in Cologne however have never tried their version, however the packaging alone is enough to make me want to go and purchase. I imagine the scent is very similar to all others with notes of bergamot and neroli predominating.

Supposedly the oldest fragrance house in the world it is still a family concern. Looks like a trip to Germany is order as I cannot find a stockist here in Canada!
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  1. Yes, great idea. Come to germany and I'll organize a huge blogger-meeting somewhere in Cologne!

  2. Adore the packaging as well~ beautiful!
    Happy Friday darling!!

  3. never heard of this before, but i'm already inclined to love. that packaging is amazing!

  4. This is so funny, just today I was using Roger & Gallet's Farina soap, and thought to myself how terrific it is. Really my favourite.

    My understanding is that the main notes are lavender and fresh, classic, and clean. Once I was at a hotel in the French countryside, and all the toiletries and personal care products were Roger & Gallet Farina, and the whole room was beautifully scented with it.

    I recently read an account of the fragrance on Wikipedia, and it was a fascinating history lesson.

    I stock up when the Bay has 25% off before Christmas. The candle is outstanding and burns well (unlike so many other costly candles). Amazingly, a lot of other houses have also done a version of this classic eau de cologne. Did you know that once, decades ago, even Jean Patou had a version of it?

    I find the new fragrances that houses keep cranking out are in the most grotesque, awkward bottles and smell awful. Some of the strongly scented vanilla ones are particularly oppressive. They usually aren't around for very long as nobody really likes them...unlike authentic Jean Marie Farina that has been around for two centuries.

    Napoleon and a lot of other illustrious people used it, so you know it is a time tested classic that is great. Really, it is the only scent a man, any man, will ever need. Like a pair of grey flannels, it is and always will be in unquestionably good taste.

    Yes it is a good reason to go to Germany, but there are plenty of others...especially Munich, a city I like as much as Paris.

    This was a great idea for a post. I can't believe that someone has never heard of it. It has to be one of the top three most famous fragrances ever created, no?

  5. The packaging is beautiful and I love neroli. I've been looking for a new fragrance for the husband. Everything in the US seems to smell the same. I like dark, exotic and musky.

  6. I gave you an award because I really enjoy your blog!

  7. Jill, Try Yatagan by Caron,it is all that you describe.

    Joe, Many thanks!

    Mr SWF- As you say one of the great classics and all that a man or woman really needs.I agree with you about the new fragrances, they are all Walmart quality with a riduculous price. This is why I tend to hunt out the classics like Ma Griffe, Cabochard and the such.

    I also remember on my first trip to Paris the toiletry items in my hotel being R&G Jean Marie Farina, and I still have one of the soaps from nearly 30 years ago.

    Jules, you can quite easily get 4711, so hunt it out.

    Lenore, yes the packaging is kind of cool


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