Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Suited Faire

Nobody does men’s suits better than the English. With the strong traditions of Saville Row backing you up, you can’t go wrong with a suit from the world’s capital of tailoring. Whether it is bespoke from Gieves and Hawkes or off the rack from Austin Reed you will always stand out as a gentleman.

Here are a few looks to get your work week started, including some shirts from Thomas Pink, because every good suit needs a good shirt and tie to do it justice.

*Gieves & Hawkes
*Gieves & Hawkes

*Turnbull & Asser

*Alfred Dunhill

*Duncan Quinn

*Paul Smith

*Austin Reed

*Thomas Pink


  1. My faves? Alfred Dunhill (did you see the Jude Law promo shots a couple of years back? Hello!) Duncan Quinn (that colour calls out to me. Obvs.) and Paul Smith (long time favourite). At the high street end of the market, Zara do some great suits at excellent value.

    Great post, David. What's your favourite suit?

  2. Yes...I need a lottery win...You know what they cost?
    The silver ones 1350 Euros and the black ones 1850.

    I love men in suits. We need more oft them. The fifth is my fav.

  3. :-D
    Just some weird thoughts... :-D :

    If I had a husband and had to choose whether to buy HIM this blue suit or ME the Philipp Plein shoes I would definitely choose the suit.

    A man in a suit is a much more attractive accesory than a pair of expensive shoes.
    Much more beautyfying for the outfit.

    Your blog has a weird influence on my brain.

  4. I love suits, but it is tricky to get a flattering cut, colour, fabric, and styling that one likes. It really takes a commitment of time and cash, and I'm finding I feel overdressed more often now when I wear a suit. Even at the theatre and good restaurants guys are in jeans and open neck shirts.

    I dislike the exceedingly narrow cuts, short jackets, and very narrow lapels...they make guys look like Pee Wee Herman and I don't aspire to that.

    I agree with Tom Ford that the best silhouette is that of the 1940s such as Gary Cooper and Cary Grant wore. I'd be perfectly content in the Gieves & Hawkes silhouettes that you've proposed.

    Clothing is so expensive that it is best to buy quality and a classic look. Looking preoccupied with trends is unbecoming and it makes it difficult to be taken seriously.
    (I'm thinking of the Pet Shop Boys song, "Seriously.")


  5. Will, My fave would have to be the 1st Gieves and Hakes, especially with that tie and pocket square.

    Joe, dont forget that you need good shoes with for the suit! I hope the weird infulence is good!

    Mr SWF, It is such a shame that walking downtown in the CBD that you see so few men in suits. I was amazed at last visit to Australia, that the suit is still de riguer for men, even in the height of summer.


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