Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend Away with Savoir Faire

Who of us has not bemoaned the fact that travel by air these days is a trial? With long lines at check in and security before we even get on the aircraft, and then indifferent service once we are on board, we hark back to the days when flying was glamourous and fun.

One airline is constantly pushing the boundaries and at least trying to make it fun and take our minds off the trial we have had just to get on board. Air New Zealand has constantly won awards for service and ranks up there as one of the better airlines to travel with. However, they have had their fair share of controversy over the last year or so, trying to make the concept of travel at least fun.

First they produced the infamous “Cougar” advertising campaign which had feminists and other members of society up in arms. Then we had the “nude” flight attendant safety video, which even offended more people, with flight attendants and flight crews nude with body paint representing uniforms demonstrating the safety features of the aircraft.

Earlier this year they were lambasted for their new cabin crew uniforms which critics said made the women look like drag queens.

The latest safety video enlists the nation’s rugby team the “All Blacks” to engage their passengers to sit up and take notice. The video although sprinked with rugby terminology is a fun lighthearted approach which will grab passenger’s attention. Even though lacking the usual “savoir faire” usually found on my blog, it is nice light hearted relief that is at least trying to make flying fun again.

As a rule I generally do not post videos on “Savoir Faire” but could not resist with this one!

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend!


  1. It sure would get my attention! tee hee.

    I loved that virgin atlantic ad that harked back to the old age glamour of flying. Check it out here:

    Have a great weekend, David.

  2. But I adore fab drag queens!
    Enjoy your weekend darling David~
    ps: you may want to update your blog roll, sadly Paul Pincus is no more! I used to be his reader as sad!


  3. Really sad that there is no more glamour in traveling. The days that everyone used to dress and look proper has ended. It's a different world today ... it's all about comfort and no glamour.
    Really enjoyed watching the video. It was fun and got my attention!
    Singapore airlines is rated #1 in customer service. I haven't been on it.. hopefully, one day!

    Je vous souhaite un bon week-end.

  4. I think what Air New Zealand is trying to do for Air Travel is wonderful! Also, I don't care what they're saying about drag queens - those uniforms are great. Besides, you've got to love watching hunky rugbiers teaching you your safety instructions!

    You, it's really typical of us to react that way to ANZ's new attempts at making air travel fun - We can complain 'til the cows come home about a problem, but the second anyone tries to do anything about it, we get all up in arms about "stopping these radicals"...

    Read more about the Golden Age of Air Travel in my blog post:

  5. I've always wanted to go to New Zealand!! Where I went to college...a Catholic school...all we had was a Rugby team. Sweet Jesus! I dated as many of them as I could!!

    We actually have those full body scanners at our airport. I think because of Fort Bliss. I hate them. Makes me want to go on a diet just to visit the damn airport.

    I hope your wrong about the insect comment. I scheduled my bug guy to spray today. Have a good weekend. God, I'm chatty.

  6. Just watched it...I'm so glad you loosened your video restrictions. Made me smile!

  7. Thanks for the video, it was funny. I especially liked the little old lady at the beginning trying to stow her hunky artwork!

    Have a great weekend

  8. I had the pleasure of flying the Concorde, the dresses looked like silk!
    Flying needs to be more fun and more glamourous.

  9. Will, Love the Virgin Ad!

    Lenore, that is sad about Paul.

    Spoiled, I too like the uniform

    Jules, yep I like it for the fact that it is entertaining and informartive as well

    Dale, yes she is a scream especially at the end

    Jill, I think they are, any news?

    Nostalgia, love your post!

    Cote, I flew SIA years ago and they were fab!

  10. Nothing new...still just spore type things.


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