Friday, September 10, 2010

Moroccan Faire

I always like things that have a double purpose, i.e. I like using things for everyday use that I decorate with and vice versa. Objects that are not only decorative but functional rate high in the savoir faire world. One such item is the Moroccan tea Glass. Here is something that is not only decorative but has a myriad of uses that is not just limited to drinking tea.

Tea plays a large part in Moroccan culture and traditionally the tea is served three times, and the amount of time the tea has been steeping gives each of the three glasses of tea a unique flavor, described in this famous proverb:

Le premier verre est aussi amer que la vie, The first glass is as bitter as life

le deuxième est aussi fort que l'amour, The second glass is as strong as love

le troisième est aussi doux que la mort. The third glass is as gentle as death.

Of course we would all like to spend time in a Moroccan Market buying our own, however they can be acquired very cheaply from a large variety of stores and suppliers. Usually known for their intricate designs and bright colours they are just perfect for decorating and other uses.

Build up sets of different colours for a truly vibrant and explosive look for display on shelves or table tops, or if the bright colours are not your thing , stick to a single colour. There are also truly elegant designs of clear glass with the most subtle of decorations in gold and other muted colours.

As mentioned before don’t just limited them to drinking tea out of. They are perfect for summer drinks or an aperitif before dinner.

They look fabulous with tea lights to create a truly intimate effect whether on the dinner table or around the home.

Deserts take on a whole new persona when served out of a tea glass.

Use them as vases for single flowers or planters to grow bulbs in such as the grape hyacinths below.

If the more traditional style is not your thing, there have been some modern adaptations as the ones below, which even though more modern in their approach, have not lost their charm.


  1. Like the cobalt blue offerings - function and style is always great!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Beautiful proverbe... I love tea and have one glass in the afternoons.. everyday!
    love moroccan tea glass... I have plenty of them that use with tea lights.
    Lovely post

  3. i love gorgeous tea glasses like these. have never thought of the dessert idea - looks sensational. will have to file it away in my "tricks that make it look like i've actually cooked" file!

  4. What an increadable display of color and beautiful post!Thank you for sharing it with me. :-) It feels great to be back enjoying wonderful posts such as this one. Have a beautiful weekend.:-)))

  5. Well, you know all of these are right up my alley! I buy them whenever I see them. And I use them for everything. The parfaits are a great idea.

  6. Jill, thought they might be. I also use them for everything, including cold soups in summer as a small appetizer.

  7. Anya, soo good to have you back! I love the colours and they are always a source of inspiration.

    Jules, too funny! I am sure you can cook!

  8. I have wanted these glasses for like, forever. Maybe this year I will finally get around to buying them.


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