Thursday, September 30, 2010

Naval Savoir Faire

Now that autumn is making a swift apearance for us up here in the Northern Hemisphere, and winter just around the corner, I believe one of the essentials of the male wardrobe is the humble pea coat/jacket.

Although first appearing in the late 19th century and worn by sailors, the jacket has retained the hallmarks and characteristics of its original design so that it has become a classic. Originally designed by Navy men to endure the harsh, cold temperatures that many of the men faced on the seas, they have become a classic.

Pea coats usually navy blue in color are characterized by broad lapels, double-breasted fronts, often large wooden or metal buttons, and vertical or slash pockets and the heavy worsted wools they are constructed from.

I find Navy surplus jackets to be the best and have had the same one for years, alternating buttons, between the original and gold for a more dressy look. I love the original buttons with the recessed anchors. Of course I always (85% of the time) stick to the classic navy blue, however I think other colours work quite well such as beige or grey.

As with any classic piece of clothing the style has been always open to interpretation with the lines being changed, lengths shortened or lengthened and decoration added as in the examples below. However no matter what a designer does to it, it is always a classic, full of savoir faire.

*French Connection

* Sonia Rykiel


*Richard James bespoke


  1. Love, period. Many years ago ( many ) in high school, I had to have a classic mens pea coat. Oh how I loved that jacket.. I guess my simple + classic style started early :) xx

  2. Ooooh, that second one there is making me want to trade up my poor old peacoat.

  3. Hey david! so happy u passed by my blog and that u liked it!

    I like the 2nd coat, it's not simple, nice design with some leather details to match with some leather shoes or buckled belt


  4. Certainly the peajacket, like the blazer, is one of the ultimate classics. There are many good brands such as Ralph Lauren, Pendleton, etcetera, but the ultimate are the original military issued ones. Nothing compares with them for authenticity and durability. I have one by Schott in black leather, and it is a very useful variation of this classic. Any guy becomes better looking in a peajacket...more so if the collar is turned up...and more so if worn over a turtleneck sweater (as in the first photo).

    Such classics are by far the most economical fashions because they look good indefinitely, compared with the fleeting shelf life of so much designer nonsense.

  5. where can i get a peacoat like the second one???? really want one!!!!


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