Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall into the Trenches with Some Savoir Faire!

Now that autumn or fall as they like to call it up here in the Northern Hemisphere is upon us, now is the time to invest in (if you already have not done so) the perfect trench coat. Perfect for just keeping the chill off and not to heavy for the cooler temperatures the trench is a classic.

Developed as an alternative to the heavy serge greatcoats for soldiers during World War I, it has now become a staple of today’s wardrobe. Some of the best of course come from Burberry (who invented gabardine, the traditional material for trench coats); however there are many great examples out there!

*All the above are from Burberry or Burberry Porsum


*Alexis Mabille

*Christian Cota




So get into a trench this fall with some savoir faire!


  1. I love my coat from Burberry... it's the best.
    I m in love with Lanvin coats for girls.. the colours are just gorgeous

  2. Loves me a good trench coat! Also love Autumn as well. It's just cool, yet comfortable enough to bring out all the accessories, hats gloves, & scarves before Winter tries to kill you, forcing one to throw on anything and everything in order to keep warm.

  3. I do love a good trench! Hoping to find a decnet caramel coloured number for this season!

  4. I never look good in a trench coat...or terry cloth bathrobes.

  5. Never say no to a trench coat- especially if it ranges in the color tones. I have a beige one but would LOVE to have something different like a navy blue or maroon! :p

    Jose C.

  6. I love classic trench coats...I was going to say that I would never need one in Beverly hills, but it's raining outside as I write this!

  7. A great selection you've compiled .. .
    I must say I regret giving my original Burberry to my daughter. It had many miles of great travel embedded within it. . . but, my replacement ( a black Banana Republic) takes up so much less room in the suitcase.
    I hate it when I give in to -


  8. I have to be very honest here: trench is not my favorite type of clothing. Mainly because it has almost no character, it is everywhere you look, just like LV logo. The only trench I ever fell in love with was made by Lanvin and I suspect it is the end of it for me unless Lanvin will come up with another amazing design. :-)

  9. Oooh! I fell in love with the Burberry trench with all of that lovely rouching!! Too bad that it's probably not in my fall wardrobe updates budget, :( Well, a girl can dream right?
    Nancy xo

  10. Absolutely love the Burberry with the bleated detail around the hem. Have had my eye on them online, but so far have managed to hold back from the buy now button. they're so gorgeous!


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