Monday, October 18, 2010

Virgin Savoir Faire

Here I go again breaking my rule on Savoir Faire about not adding videos, and it always seems to be the airlines that force me to do it.

I am giving credit now to Virgin Atlantic , for their new commercial which reminds me of all the Savoir Faire flair of the opening credits of a 007 movie!

If only flying were really this stylish!

So for a bit of style in the air!

(Note: best viewed full screen, for some reason below is cropped)


  1. well,... we all know that sex sells and that sold me....I'll fly virgin( when I was young, was a word that was almost spoken in hushed tones....)I'll have that good looking martini too!

  2. how I wish flying were still this glamorous. You're lucky now if the person next to you isn't in sweat pants and gets up 100 times to use the facilities.

  3. This does make me want to fly. My last flight was not very sexy at all, I guess I should have flown Virgin:)

    Amy R.

  4. Good call on the 007 opening credits influence in this ad!
    Sexy, Glamorous, Exciting this ad makes me want to fly Virgin...and I like the little humor at the end...especially the flight attendant taking off her high heels.
    Great post!

  5. LOVE it! How clever! Love the bond theme!
    Great post!

  6. I especially liked that the Statue of Liberty's torch has a real flame. Very elegant, very cool. If only the aisles were really that wide!

  7. If it were good enough for you to break your
    no post videos rule .. .
    then, I had to break my no view videos rule.
    Well done - well worth it.


  8. OMG. HOT! GREAT! SEXY! Thank you for sharing! I'm planning my next flight and I think I'll choose Virgin if they fly to my destination. I want these sexy dancing guys to wiggle their hips for me during the flight (while serving the martinis) *lol*

    David, you are older. But not very much. I look very much younger than I am. And I feel often like 20 too. *lol*

  9. Great ad/video, thanks for sharing it. Lets face facts, the terrorists have ruined flying and most New Yorkers who have witnessed the worst are just grateful to reach their destinations alive. Unless I am traveling to Europe, I always opt for the train, at least they don't take my shampoo and mouthwash away.
    Still, I am glad Virgin is at least trying to bring back the lost glamour, it is a start.
    Flying well is the best revenge.
    X David, NYC

  10. Well, at my next party I definitely want Shrimp Fork pole dancing men, that's all I know.

  11. Haha, well they sure are gorgeous! Plus I really liked that the humourous part was actually funny.

    The airline commercial I like best is the one Turkish airlines had, starring Kevin Costner :) I love the song they had in that commercial :

    Have a great day, David!

    PS: When you post a video you have to change the width, this way it won't crop. Same thing happened to me and took me a while to figure out why :D

  12. Yes if flying were that sylish these days...When has it became that unpleasant?

  13. Hi Everyone, even tough full of savoir faire the commercial is hardly an accurate representation of what it would be like if we are shoved up the back in economy class, not to mention the trial at the airport which is sometimes beyond the airline's control. However it is nice to imagine.


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