Friday, November 5, 2010

Exercise Your Savoir Faire

Over here at Savoir Faire we are firm believers in exercise and staying healthy. With busy work schedules, and private lives, I always manage to try and eat healthy and to also exercise by going to the gym and walking whenever I can to wherever I have to go.

This is fine you might say, however I just don’t have the time, and what do I wear to the gym while still remaining stylish!

Our problem has been solved by the stylish young man below, who chooses to work out at the office with some low impact exercises to give him that edge before that important meeting that is on his agenda.


  1. So much easier when you don't wear high heels or succumb to sweat. But it seems he can't escape bad hair!

  2. I like the first pic, very funny and cute! I guess it would save time to just work it in your designer duds. Have a great weekend!

    Amy R.

  3. Charming editorial shots!
    Let's get physical! Oh, remember that song by Olivia Newton John?!

    Happy Friday David!

  4. Doesn't everyone do those low impact moves at the office everyday?

  5. I always encouraged my coworkers to do stationary jumping jacks! Seriously though, what I'd like to get out of this posting is that green chair! Why do office chairs always have to be black or gray?

  6. Funny thing, he looks quite impeccable to me, after all that exercise. Very nice, I loved that first picture!

    Have a nice weekend!!!


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