Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Perfect Dinner Companion

I can’t remember who once said “that the perfect dinner companion is a good waiter” and I have to agree sometimes, so here are a few to help you enjoy that perfect dinner!

These waiters come courtesy of Palace and Grand Hotel’s in St Moritz!


  1. How elegant and handsome they all look! Yes, I think I would agree with that statement. Although attentive and professional servers are in short supply these days!


  2. So very true and the biggest mood killer is a bad one!

  3. Love these shots!! And you can be sure that these elegant gentlemen didn't introduce themselves by first name and tell you that they will be your server for the evening.

  4. Great images! They remind me of another photo (I think it was by Eisenstadt) of a St. Moritz waiter skating across ice, and holding a tray of drinks over his head. ... Mark

  5. how elegant they are!!,
    I love these pictures!!!

  6. French waiters in general and those from the Côte D'Azur or Paris, in particular, are not very talkative nor good-listeners.

    Their function is not much to entertain but to reassess your status. That is, if they think you are elegant, powerful and worthy of being there, they will serve you properly and make you feel like a king.

    But, if they think you are vulgar or a noveau riche, they will ignore you, take hours to serve you and give you a high brow look every time.

    I have seen this happen many times. The classic victims were the Americans on holidays but nowadays the Russians are the main target...

  7. All, the disappointing thing is that nowadays no waiters are really concerned with your gastronomic well being, but only re the amount of their tip.

    A waiter with some knowledge should be able to discuss with you intelligently the ffod and the wine offered.

    Fabulastic, as said a waiter should almost be like a personal assistant in the restaurant advising on what choices should be made and they should never ever judge


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