Friday, November 19, 2010

Some Weekend Savoir Faire

Now that it is absolutely frigid here in Toronto this morning, my thoughts are wandering to sun, water and savoir faire!

So enjoy the weekend all!


  1. this is the kind of weekend I can use right about now!
    <3 Happy weekend!

  2. David first picture is très chic!!!
    have a happy weekend!

  3. Is that Alan Delon I see?
    Stay warm & cozy darling!!

  4. Bundle up an stay warm this weekend!

  5. 39 degrees here yesterday! oh how i wish i could channel that chic summer mum in the first pic : )

    have a fab weekend David.

  6. Ohh, to be on a boat in the sunshine right now! It's quite freezing here wonderful to see these images. Bardot looks gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend David!


  7. David, you will, probably be surprised, but I absolutely love snow, frost and Winter. I am Russian afterall. I have a very intence allergy to the sun and Summers usually sre torturous for me. I have not been to the beach since I was 10. :-))) So, late Fall, Winter and early Spring is MY time!:-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. That little boy's expression on the back of the vespa...holding the baguette! Savoir Faire to its fullest degree! Warm weekend wishes...xx


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