Monday, November 15, 2010

Work Wear Monday

I have been finding lately that people really when they are going to work just throw on anything and kind of hope for the best. When I first started my working life a suit and tie were always de rigueur for men and women hardly ever wore trousers let alone jeans to work no matter what position you occupied in your relative company. (Showing my age here).

I had always heard the maxim “That you should always dress for the job you would like to have” and I still subscribe to this, to a certain degree. However these days I am not sure whether this is apt in a lot of work places. There are all sorts of things to take into place. I work in a pretty casual environment due to the nature of the organisation (Social Service organisation dealing with People with Developmental Disabilities). I am an Executive Assistant to three Vice Presidents and they all have their own particular style from jeans to smart casual. I try and set an example befitting of my position to find a common ground amongst these different styles.

Currently I am drawing inspiration from below (all from Smalto), minus the scarf for my work wear, even though I do like the pop of colour that the scarf brings. What do you think?


  1. I'm all about "pops" of color. I tend to overdress. The other day, I wore jeans, and I was miserable.

  2. Ah, those chic grey hues are getting me excited - LOVE THEM!

  3. I find that gray tends to make people jaundiced. Go for the color, and if you work in a cold office as I did (I think the temperature was for the computers rather than the employees), think of wearing vests. ... Mark

  4. I've rather enjoyed your recent run of articles - some exquisite women have been well profiled of late

    I've long liked the house of Francesco Smalto and do think that this collection, whilst hardly worldbreaking, does what it can to make the simple and neutral a little more interesting. My more casual outfits tend to resemble this, which is not always desirable - "mature" minimalism often borders on the soporific

    All best,


  5. These are all good bets. The second and last combinations are my favorites. I also love a man dressed in a good pair of dark jeans with a plain shirt,the perfect fitting jacket and good shoes! Although I'm not sure if that goes these days at work...maybe Friday?


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