Saturday, December 4, 2010

Author Unknown

I am not lost, I am not found

Like petals strewn across the ground,

There is no pattern, yet there is

The configuration lies within,

We are close, yet we are apart,

The perspective is of my heart,

What I see is what I am

And I see before me an impoverished man

I am what I see

Take blood from stone to forge this heart

And Stone from blood to carve this craft

From unknown whim this mortal stands

The Breath of life in these hands


  1. Great.
    You reminded me of Highlander.
    I must watch it again. After so many years.
    The photo (12th) is from "Subway", isn't it?
    I loved his hairstyle there.
    I wanted to have a boyfriend with such hairstyle.
    When I was very much younger. *LOL*

  2. Joe, Subway is one of my all time favourite movies! I did have hair like that at one stage!


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