Monday, December 13, 2010

Millinery Savoir Faire!

Savoir Faire has been extremely fortunate and has been the lucky winner of Couture Millinery Atelier’s latest giveaway. And the fabulous prize you might ask is the very special andgorgeous Fornasetti candle in the 'Red Lips" jar which is pictured below. Anya the creative genius behind Couture Millinery Atelier has been a fan of Fornasetti Art for many years and I am sure has been inspired by Fornasetti in the creation of her amazing chapeau.

If you have not already visited her blog, I urge you to do so immediately!

Originally hailing from Soviet Russia, Anya Caliendo is the creative force behind the most amazing creations you will ever see in the world of millinery! The world needs fabulous hats and Anya is the one to give us these with all the savoir faire in the world. Her inspiration ranges from Tsarist Russia right through to Lady Gaga. Her work draws heavily from her own fertile imagination and dreams, creating vibrantly coloured, sometimes surreal creations, that sometimes defy gravity.

Her hats have been featured in various runway shows including Donna Karan and also in various magazines.

Incredibly feminine and chic, every woman needs at least on hat designed by Anya in their wardrobe!


  1. Great fun - they remind me of hats at Ascot!

  2. realy cool pictures)

  3. Dear David, I have tryed to post my comment before, but, I guess, It did not go through. I would like to thank you so very much for being so wonderful and kind to me. Thank you for this post and generous words. You have made my entire day and helped me put things into perspective a bit since I am in my winter "doubt" mode. :-))) Millions of thank you to you and many kind wishes from New York! :-)

  4. Anya, you are so very welcome! You have more than reciprocated.

    Elena, yes soo very tres chic!

    Mark, very Cecil Beaton don't you think?

    Alex, thankyou soo much for visiting!


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