Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weekend Away With Savoir Faire

The weekend is upon us, all too quickly thank goodness! It has been a particularly hectic and busy one.

If you just happen to find yourself travelling, do it by train as these young ladies are doing!

By the looks of it this was the only way to travel. Forget the high speeds and the sleek modern look of trains today, as this is how I would like to do it!

Board your train with a porter in tow to handle the baggage.

Farewell love ones on the platform as the train starts to move.

Alight at your destination refreshed and with just a little bit of savoir faire!

Have a wonderful weekend all!


  1. As I'm back to life after surviving a killer virus and healing my family from it I think I deserve a reward.

    I want the left coat from the second picture.
    In camel color.

  2. Travel never looked so good. I totally want to do a train ride across the rocky mountains here. Just a matter of finding the time.

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Beautiful pictures!! Loved the last one...getting out of a train never looked so glamorous!!


  4. Ok, you know what I died for?? In the second image, that coat with the amazing collar and big!! Lovely images, happy weekend to you David!
    Nancy xo

  5. The last time I took a train ride was fm Paris to Amsterdam 2years ago! Wasn't as glam as these photos though~
    Cozy weekend darling!

  6. David riding by train was truly the way to travel ..then. So very chic. I remember the white stiffly ironed table cloths and the silver place settings and tea pots. The porters and a like. Those were special times. Thanks for taking me back and wishing you an equally glamorous weekend!

    Cheers ~ Deb

  7. You always have the best selection of images. I often wonder who the designers of the couture are. Obviously Paris designers such as Givenchy, Fath, Dior, or Monsieur B. Of course now I want to be on the Orient Express with a bunch of hard Vuitton luggage, sipping Champagne as the train goes through the snowy Balkans. But no murders!

  8. =====================================

    And it misses : Always with Louis Vuitton ! ^^

    Thank You so so much for your Magical Words on mine !

    Enjoy ( with that beautiful Savoir Faire ) your new week end too !

    Your fashion designer friend !

  9. Haha, now I wish I had a place to go where I can take a train! Love this post! Maybe I should try this on a city bus?? happy weekend! xo

  10. These photos are great and terrific! Love the black and white effect.

  11. Joe, everyone loves that coat and camel would be the perfect choice!

    Dale, that is also on my list! VIA rail is usually about 50% off in the winter months VCR to TOR.

    Andres, i think so too. She looks so "I have Arrived"

    Nancy, you will have to fight Joe for it!

    Lenore, last train we did was in a sleeper from Rome to Bari last year, definitely not glam!

    Deb, Oh I wish we could do it all over again!

    Mr SWF. I am not sure who the designers are, but probably are some of the ones you mention! I will join you on the Orient Express! Maybe just one murder!

    Jean-Pierre, merci beau coup. Hope that you had a nice one

    La Boheme, City Bus mmm, not as glam!

  12. Loving the fashions and the romance of this bygone era!

  13. Fantastic images and I love the clothes.

  14. Pinecone and Zhush, certainly makes you want to be there!


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