Monday, February 7, 2011

Lunar Eclipse with Savoir Faire!

I know there is not a lunar eclipse eminent however Savoir Faire just loves the below sideboard by Sotirios Papadopoulos.

In a limited edition of 24 pieces. The “moon” on the furniture’s surface is a very special luminous and ecological paint which creates a wonderful luminous effect in the dark.

Gives a whole new meaning to lunar eclipse don’t you think?


  1. This is so cool! I'd want to have the sideboard in my bedroom. And I can't imagine putting anything on top of it to disturb that perfect look.

  2. ===============================================

    Whaouuu !
    Magnifique !
    Vraiment !
    It's totally the kind of furniture i like to buy !
    So modern and chic !

    Have a great evening Super David !

  3. but isn't the moon merely a passing fad?

  4. Mark, that would be cool. You could lie in bed and look at the moon!

    Jean-Pierre, it is chic, when you are famous!

    Norma, passing for some!


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