Thursday, February 17, 2011

Send Me a Wire. STOP.

Have you ever received a telegram? Do some of you even know what a telegram is?

I do remember telegrams, and have received a few myself over the years, however what ever happened to them?

Read out at weddings, sent to congratulate births, and unfortunately sometimes sent in emergencies or death, somehow they were a rather exciting way to receive news.

Sent by the Queen on occasions of Golden and Silver Wedding Anniversaries and when one turned 100, I wonder how the message gets conveyed now?

I see that even the advertising of telegrams carried as much savoir faire as sending or receiving one did. You always felt important when a telegram arrived and they were invariably ripped open with incredible haste or opened with trepidation afraid of the contents!


  1. Alas, Didn't A.T.&T officially discontinue telegram service a few years back? A victim, of electronic & internet communication, they are no more. Just another aspect of life we'll be describing to our grandchildren, perhaps if we're all watching Saroyan's "Human comedy"

  2. i was thinking the other day about telegrams, and how they should make a "come back"

  3. There is an online service that sends vintage inspired telegrams. I used it to cheer up a friend during his convalescence. He enjoyed it very much.

    Haven't gotten a real telegram since I was a kid. During the late 70's an eccentric uncle visited from abroad. His intention to arrive was announced with the message: "Great White Hunter arriving Saturday am." We had no idea who sent it until he showed up with his valise.

  4. When I moved into my current house, back in 1988, I had a big house-warming. One friend at the other end of the country, and with a lot of savoir faire, sent a telegram. It delighted me then, and I still have it.

    P.S. I love the story from Easy and Elegant!

  5. ===============================================

    Ouh la la !!...i misses so many of your last great posts !
    The one of Venice is incredible !
    You work so much !
    Bravo super David !

    About telegrams.....i completely forgot them !! until i read your article !
    My parents used to recieved these little pieces of paper often thought !

    Week end is coming....have a great new one !
    Kiss-Kiss !

  6. Have never received one, but they always struck me as so incredibly romantic in the movies.

  7. i remember when i was little my family received one about a relative who was in hospital, there was one about a new job once, and then yes the wedding telegrams at the weddings of aunts etc. they were so special to receive, everyone jumped to attention.

  8. The Queen now sends a regular card on your 100th birthday.

  9. Scot, lets hope sh actually signs it!

    Easy and Elegant, what a wonderful story!

    Jules, I rememember also getting one about a new job.

    Mark, I do too.

    And thanks to everyone else who has commented on this post!


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