Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sixties Had IT!

There seems to be something about the girls of the sixties who were dubbed the “it” girls. Not necessarily classically beautiful, they all had something that stood out. The women I have included below have an unusual almost ethereal quality about them and as they got older in my opinion only got better.

Jean Shrimpton

Charlotte Rampling

Jane Birkin

Julie Christie

Penelope Tree



  1. Oh they really did have it! They were so stunning..a little racy for those times too! Nothing compared with now of course!

  2. It was a reaction to the 50's and to conformity. Still, each age has its conventions. In the 50's kids looked like adults and in the 60's adults looked like kids. But it did seem like revolution to those of us who didn't know what real revolution was.

  3. They are all gorgeous..and like wine only got better with time...beautiful pics and a total inspiration


  4. I think the sixties were so glamourous! I've been waiting for an occasion to wear my hair in a modified bouffant and sport some cat eyes

  5. How ironic...I'm waiting for an occasion to wear my hair in a modified bouffant and sport some cat eyes too!

  6. ===============================================

    Like i already said , your work is amazing !
    You deserve to be noticed by a Super Magazine and have your own space !

    All your pics are uniks and magical !

    Have a great day Super David !

  7. J'adore les photos! Jeanne Birkin était magnifique ♥♥


  8. Anthea, of course that was racy with a touch of class.

    Anonymous, thank you for dropping by. So true!

    Andy, I think they would be good inspiration for a lot of todays young ladies.

    Catherine and Jason, when hair is done send pictures!

    Jean-Pierre, thank you so much my friend! You also give me much inspiration.

    Aphrodite, thank you for your visit.I also love Jane Birkin's music!

  9. Very Beautiful Photo's and best details shared in the post . Thanks for nice sharing

  10. Since I am a product of the 60s, I ADORE all these girls. Jean Shrimpton was my all time favorite (bought all the Yardley products because of her) and Charlotte Rampling is one of my favorite style icons - can't remember if you saw the piece I did on her. But you are right - what an incredible era. Seems like yesterday I was wearing fishnet stockings (no pantyhose then), blue lipstick and psychedelic patterns!!

  11. yes, they were women with a past, present and future and a sex life.
    All these chicks today bore me.
    Terrific blog, nice to meet you.


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