Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Woman with the Golden Gun

We have all heard of The Man with the Golden Gun, with James Bond, well not to be left out you too can call the shots with these ‘golden guns’ from Dutch jewellery designer and artist Ted Noten.

Ted Noten born in 1956 in The Netherlands had a rather chequered career in which he was in turn a bricklayer, a nurse in a psychiatric hospital and a traveller for 3 years, until he decided to study design and aren’t we glad he did!

Basically works of art, the collection of handbags below are fabulous. Rich in symbolism of spies and glamour, they question the preconceived notion of what is carried in a woman’s purse. What is luxurious and fashionable on the outside might have a dark and sinister secret lurking on the inside. So gentleman, be careful as your femme fatale might be hiding a few secrets in her handbag!


  1. I think the simple bag with the silver gun is the classiest of this grouping. I think it's a really clever piece of art, and I'll bet it would still cause a major flap in airport security.

  2. Wow...I don't know if I love them or hate them!

  3. work of art, David!
    Anything with Lucite is always fab in my book!

  4. Oh I love it, love it, love it!! Beautiful bags..

    The Black Label
    P.S. as much I appreciate fab Haute Couture I also like seeing some that people can actually wear!

  5. Guns always scare me a bit..but these are pretty cool!

  6. Interesting! I find it alluring.. in a strange way.. :)

    amy !

  7. Don't know that I'd want to carry one but conceptually they are certainly a stylish statement!

  8. I think they're really fun and quite exciting. Except I wouldn't want to be a lady with these purses at an airport...

  9. totally rad crazy and exciting designs


  10. Voted interesting! It works and in the classy and quirky way which I love.

  11. I just saw The Tourist this weekend...perhaps Angelina Jolie needed one of these?!

  12. Many thanks all, yes they are indeed works of art, and as with any art not everyone will like them.

    Lisa and Kaleido Mind, many thanks for you comment and visit. Hope to see you again.

    Amy, I found them also alluring in a strange way


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