Monday, May 9, 2011

Age Doesn't Matter at JPG

Long regarded the enfant terrible of pret a porter and haute couture I finally think that Jean Paul Gaultier has finally made it. A beautiful highly refined in line and look was his latest presentation for Fall/Winter 2011. Usually we relied on Gaultier for shock tactics, not knowing what he was going to send down the runway next. Collections usually targeted a fairly niche market with not everybody being able to wear his clothes.

The fall 2011 collection had models donning gray beehives with retro wear inspired by the ’50s and ’60s, seductively walking down the long runway. At the end of the runway, the girls took off layers and threw them to the end of the catwalk–perhaps symbolizing the freedom of fashion or maybe just to have a bit of fun as Gaultier is known for. Either way, the smart suits, puffer jackets and bold patterns seemed to celebrate maturity and sophistication.

Even though many described the collection as granny chic, it was highly wearable and suited women of all ages. A purity of line was highly evident, with silhouettes being highly refined and fabrics luxurious. Trailing minks behind her like she has just killed it and is now bringing it home to her mate, she is bold.

Pussy bow blouses in patterned satin along with sparkly tweed pantsuits were hidden under fur trimmed coats, only to be revealed minutes later as each model took off their stuffy overcoats, scarves, and gloves, to discard them at the end of the runway. The only thing was, I was cringing at the thought of so many beautiful clothes being thrown down on the floor!

The song playing whispered, “toutes les femmes sont exceptionelles,” (all women are exceptional) to underscore that old age doesn’t always have to mean dowdy–it can be sexy, too.

To drive the point home, veteran French actress Valérie Lemercier opened and closed the show, doing an alluring striptease with each step. The Gaultier woman has grown up and lives with abandon. She is at least middle age and displays a sassiness that had the audience swooning.

French women just do not age like American women – it’s in the attitude, not the cellulite.


  1. Where do you see women dressed like these?

  2. I wanna be a French woman!

  3. Most of the 60 yr old gay men ,claiming to be 40 online could take a lesson here...

  4. so classic and elegant!
    totally 60's!

  5. Let me start saying Valerie Lemercier looks AMAZING! This collection was pure hit all the right spots Mr. Gaultier as you said finally made it!

    The Black Label

  6. wish I could have at least half of the French woman assurance!..damm!

  7. oh I think that is brilliant- the throwing the coats on the floor bit!

  8. Let's hear it for
    attitude and sassiness -
    says this American, who needed a reminder
    to emulate those French girls.

    Merci !


  9. Bravo to Gaultier for his line maturing right along with him. These fashions are stunning and you wrote a great post summing up his transformation. One did use to wonder what he'd sent next down the runway! Now I want a gray beehive and definitely want those styles. I'm with you too wanting to hang up those coast pronto! Thanks Tom for the terrific post.

  10. The collection looks amazing and kudos to JPG for the wonderful concept. So my stray gray hairs are not the end of the world? Love love love it all around!!
    Nancy xo

  11. Mr. Gaultier definitely gained weight.
    But he looks great with it.
    His face became kinda cute thereby.
    I'm always attracted by men with grey hair and a little two or three kilos overweight.
    I absolutely don't like male bones.

  12. Amazing and original!!!! I like the new good ideas!!!!!!
    We love your blog ;-)


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