Friday, May 13, 2011

Not Happy

Ok, as you all know Blogger has been down near 24 hours. Now if that was not bad enough we have been informed that all posts since Wednesday May 11th have been deleted! Yes deleted! Just a tad disappointed here, and the below sums it up perfectly.


  1. Yes- same thing here- but I can still remember your last two posts! So they do live somewhere-

  2. ==============================================
    ....and i'm super disapointed too !!!
    I worked so much on my last one !!

    Have a great week end super David !

  3. oh I know....very frustrating.
    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll do some deep breathing now.

  4. Totally annoying, and i'm not happy with Jan either. Iconic commercial isnt it??!! We aussie's bandy those words about every day!

  5. We do trust too much on these things. I have just made a safe copy in my computer, which I never do. Well, things got lost too in an only paper world. I guess there is not such a thing as a perfect, always works nothing :-)
    But it is disturbing to find out, isn't it?

  6. David,
    Annoying as shit I'll say!!! And, let's not forget to mention all the lost comments. Anyway, whew, thanks for the little vent. The video was so funny! :)

  7. it would be amazing to bee able to such an amazing piece of mies van der rohe architecture.

    there arent a lot of awesome standout architecture in sydney besides from the opera house and so on...

    we are however getting our very first gehry piece!
    so excited....even though i'm not too keen on the design and the concept.


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