Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekend Wear With Savoir Faire

I am a bit light on inspiration this week, due to a rather hectic schedule both at home and at work, which has seen me collapsing in a frazzled wreck in the evenings. However these clothes from Botegga Veneta are getting me inspired for a weekend of savoir faire!

Have a great weekend all!


  1. so elegant colors!!
    have a nice weekend!!!

  2. Hello David:
    Totally inspiring, chic, and very stylish. We are slightly less keen on the shorts, but that is only a personal observation.

    We do hope that after the hectic week you have had, you will have a happy and relaxing weekend.

  3. Great to walk around South Beach :-) Take it easy.

  4. I am really digging the white "suit"...they look great together...or as mix and match separates! Hope you have a relaxing, stree-free weekend, friend!

    xx Cat brideblu

  5. Very stylish indeed Tom!
    Thanks for your lovely comments ... I've missed reading your blog. I always learn something when I do.
    Your previous post on YSL was wonderful ... I certainly do have a lot to catch up on!
    Have a great weekend

  6. Thanks for sharing, truly love the 4th look!! :) wish you have a good weekend~

  7. Wow, talk about chic! I love the all white look. Cool and classic at the same time :) I hope you have a fantastic long weekend David!
    Nancy xo

  8. I feel you David,
    it's been hectic on the other side of the pond too! Relaxing week to all!

  9. Love them all! Especially that white suit.
    Though I think I'd look like colonel sanders in it, but still ....

  10. Great post!
    I love so much shorts! I have a pair on my closet!!
    A big hug!

  11. I love the color story in this collection, especially the whites.


  12. I love the white suit and clothes, they look great on a body tunned by the sun in summer.
    Really great you blog i'm following you!

    Greetings from Spain

    The Trendy Surfer

  13. ===============================================

    Super David !

    Superb collection !

    It would be great you put from time to time some pixs of you wearing the garments you like ! ^^ Will you ? ^^

    Great great post of St Laurent !
    Super to see his sketches !

    I had the pleasure to visit his beautiful house in Morocco !
    ( but i never really liked his work )

    Have a Magical new week,
    Kiss_kiss !

  14. Many thanks all for your lovely comments.

    Jean-Pierre, one day I will post some pictures of what I am wearing!

    Ivan, you are so right, white looks great on tanned skin!

    Diego, yes the white is such a colour of summer!

    Jason, try it and see!


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