Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Posting in Pink

I am sorry Savoir Faires, however am feeling a bit light on inspiration today, plus I am back to having problems with leaving comments on my favourite blogs.Plus it is going to extremely hot up here in the great white north, so lets get cool in pink!

So today it will be a visual post petty in pink! There are so many gorgeous pinks out there that immediately lifts one's mood.

It is also good to see that menswear which has been too long enveloped in neutral colour tones take the adventurous leap into colour! Especially pink!

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Have a wonderful day all!


  1. I have a pink shirt on in my new profile photo!

  2. Hello David:
    The cerise you feature here is very much a grown up pink. We love clothes and in plants in the garden. Guaranteed to jazz everything up!

  3. Hi, David - You seem to favor the darker pinks, what the Hattatts call cerise, and what a person from printing and publishing like myself would call magenta. Interestingly, I see this darker pink less often in mens fashion than the pastel pinks.

  4. Amazing pinks!! Love bad about the whole blogger thing, what´s up with that! Hope it fixes for you

    The Black Label

  5. Great post, I love the woman in the Pucci get up.
    Also, I love the color that the Hattat's call cerise. It's very wearable.
    Be well and keep cool.
    It's foggy and damp in LA.

  6. pink with a twist

  7. I own nothing in pink, sorry to say. If I thought I could, I'd totally wear those pink pants, though.

  8. Men should wear more pink i think!
    Sorry to hear that you're still having problem, have you updated to the new template & setting? Perhaps it may help?

  9. I used to buy shirts and ties in Pink of London :-)


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