Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Mixed Bag of Savoir Faire

Here is a little something to wet your appetites of our sojourn, until I can put together some more substantial posts.

Post Office Helsinki

Peterhof St, Petersburg

Guess Where?

Tallin Estonia

Royal Palace Copenhagen

Selfridges London


  1. wow, what a trip! we did helsinki, (finnish hinterlands) & st.pete a few years ago. while at the port of helsinki, waiting to get onto a ship to russia, i met a person that had grown up in my dinky little town(!) & when the shock wore off, i asked what street had she lived on & she said mine! i begged to differ with her & ultimately i was right. she had played on my street, but lived one over. she'd moved away when i was 3, so i'd never known her. in helsinki! (which was great, btw).

  2. David what a fabulous trip, from what I have seen so far. Selfridge's looks so gorgeous all lit up.

    Art by Karena

  3. fun- I look forward to the rest of your photos.

  4. Wowza! Great pics Tom..Oh I am so looking forward to see the rest of them! Haha yeah there are some interesting points I wrote in my blog haha

    The Black Label

  5. Hello David:
    What tantalising glimpses you give us here of what was obviously a trip to be remembered for ever. The variety of architectural designs and influences you show here are so incredibly rich and speak of such a wealth of historical events. We eagerly anticipate more!

  6. Lovely pics! The only place I've never been to is Copenhagen, so I guess I have to go there! ;D

  7. Welcome back! I have missed you. Looks like you had an amazing adventure, I can't wait to read all about it.

  8. Love the McDs cup.

    And Selfridge's looks so out of place--which of these does not belong.

    Can't wait to see more thorough accounts.

  9. Hi, David - It's good to have you back, and from the look of these photos, you had a multi-cultural experience of grand proportions. I can't wait for more!

  10. I've been dying to visit St. Petersburg... can't wait to see more!

  11. Great pictures! A nice sample of your trip. xo style, she wrote

  12. Norma, now that dis amazing, meeting someone halfway across the world who knows all your secrets. We loved Helsinki

    Karena, I just happened to snap that pic of Selfridges on a whim, and I surprised at how good it turned out!

    Jane and Lance, as you will see we saw all styles of art and architecture!

    Stefan, it gets better!

    JWC, it is wonderful except for all the tourists!

    Joseph, just had to eat at McD's in Russia! Never do it here though and it was surprisingly good!

    Mark and Catherine, trust me I will bore you all!

    Bigio, we loved Copenhagen!


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