Thursday, July 21, 2011

SPF in the Sun

As most will know that in the United States and Canada it has been unbearably hot, with a heat wave embracing most of the continent.

Of course one would like to be at the beach, with just the right amount of protection against those harmful rays of the sun!


  1. It was oppressively hot today. 101 in the shade! Those men look hot ;)

  2. Well, as a matter of fact, I am in a beach right now - well a cafe by a town by a cliff to be precise - and the air is warm and smooth, like about the right temperature I would say :-)

  3. Hello David:
    What an absolutely splendid image!

    Have a very enjoyable weekend.

  4. We have below normal temperatures in Los Angeles now. No SPF needed here but I would have liked one of those gentlemen with the umbrellas following me around the beach in Mexico last week.


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