Monday, August 15, 2011

Do You Pay Full Price?

I have always made it a point of when shopping never to pay full price for anything. I wouldn’t class myself as cheap, just economical. It is almost a given that what you see at full price today, will at some stage be put on sale in the future. So, you have to take a gamble that your size is available, however the rewards can be worth it.

I like the clothes of Andrew Buckler however they are a bit pricey. So I wait for the sale and voila,I picked up the below sweater in a combination cashmere and cotton reduced from $235 to $95!

Of course that is not me in the photo, so I hope I do the sweater justice!


  1. I do pay full price! When I go through my closet it seems that the pieces I have payed full price for are the ones that have stayed with me the longest. However, its wonderful when you find a bargain on something you really want, but the biggest mistakes I have made have been when I bought something that I wasn't' in love with on sale....btw, I've never claimed to be the most fiscally responsible, but I'm glad you found something you've been lusting over on sale

  2. top score david. i do looooove a bargain, and like to nab them when i can, but if something screams my name in a serious way, i don't hold off!

  3. Sometimes you spend a lot of the price! Luckily we always find discounts ... hahahaha!


    Adrien Loren

  4. I do not, or very rarely pay full price, as you say David, because almost everything goes on sale, and if I miss out, I miss out.Since I do love beautiful things this helps my clothing budget a lot!


    Art by Karena

  5. YOU at least have the shoulders to fill it! Unlike our sloped sided friend above.

    I NEVER pay full price. Sale is my middle name and "End of Season Clearance" my Deity!

  6. i do pay full price, especially when it's an item i really like, because i don't think it's worth it to wait perhaps half a season till it goes on sale, and usually even then it's like 10% off and probably out of stock.

    Costin M.

  7. Florida has a sales tax holiday on clothing for one weekend just before school restarts. I always make sure to pick up some clothes then ...

  8. Hi, checking in from the road, and on a good topic too.

    From a very early age, I was taught to shop on sale. And I still do. Honestly, I'm just not that covetous of things, so rarely do I feel it absolutely necessary to own something. And when Comme des Garcons goes on sale, it's still expensive. As is Thom Browne and Brooks Brothers Black Label. So I wait. Mind you, I've seen employers and clients in the past drop tens of thousands in a moment, it's sometimes quite startling.

    Also, on one of my entries, I wrote about discounts given to high-end shoppers in high-end shops--I'm just not one of them.

    Champagne, chocolate and restaurants though or my splurge. Frequently.

    joseph the butler

  9. To wait is a virtue. A rewarding one too sometimes!

  10. I am a maniac of never paying the full price of anything - well I do not bargains at restaurants and bars, but for the rest I don't think I make exceptions :-)
    The sweater from Andrew Buckler is really nice on top of that, and no decadent at all :-)

  11. Love the sweater and am sure you will do great wearing it :) I barely pay full price and actually consider it my strength to get great deals on fabulous things. Oh the money I already saved!

  12. alas, as a lowly teacher, I can barely afford TJ Maxx, so no full price for me. Nosirree!
    Now let's see if I can manage to knit that sweater for myself:)

  13. I am bad and usually always pay full price.. I try to wait but I am always afraid it will sell out or they wont have my size once it goes on sale... I need someone to train me to wait haha.. Love the sweater by the way..

    Love! ~Angel

  14. Well, well well all. We have a mixed camp here!

    However it seems that the sale people win!

  15. I get more gratification from sale shopping because I believe that one garment that I found between the big pile of cloting was just meant for me. So I guess I'm also a sale shopper!
    (p.s like your blog!)


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