Wednesday, August 17, 2011

North by Northwest With Savoir Faire!

Who can forget the classic scene in Hitchcock’s North by Northwest of Cary Grant being ran down by a biplane in a dusty field?

This is an enduring scene which comes to symbolise Hitchcock at his best.

The scene itself will never date, however here are few more different interpretations of the scene all filled with savoir faire!

My thoughts are if you are going to be chased down, do it with Savoir Faire!


  1. I cannot agree more. Hiding from problems like a frightened chicken isn't very glamorous. Running at least is always ... more athletic. :-)

  2. wow, what a cool set of photos, awesome interpretations! i didn't watch the movie, but i guess i should, i've watched quite a few Hitchcock films.

    Costin M.

  3. Costin, this is one you must see!

    John Gray and jackie Many thanks for your visits and comments!

    Pet, so true, and least we will be fit.

    Paisley, many thanks!

  4. Love this! Esp. since my hubs is a pilot ... anything with planes captures my heart {though pretty confident that being chased by one wouldn't!}

    ❤ Cat brideblu

  5. Such inspirational style! My bf loves this one :)


  6. I love that movie! It was the first Cary Grant movie I ever saw.


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