Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box

I have always been influenced by packaging. For years ever since I was small I would save the boxes with which things would come in especially perfumes and luxury goods. I have amassed a collection which is quite large much to the chagrin of those around me. Living in a rather isolated community when young these were the links to a world of style and glamour that was beyond the boundaries of our small town in Australia.

So lately we have seen certain orange boxes being taken to new heights and used as a decorating feature.

One has to admit that Hermes boxes are a perfect shade of orange. I do not have one, however what a thrill it must be to have one in your hands direct from the store and opening it to see what is inside! I guess there is a reason that they have been called one of the most desirable boxes to receive.
As packaging design goes I do think it is brilliant. The most perfect shade of orange teemed with the chocolate brown details and logo, is a tour de force in understated chic.

Ok, now we come to the decorating thing. While any box is a great storage item, these are gaining popularity as decoration within themselves. Iconic orange Hermes boxes used for display storage: cool or contrived? Are they inspiring or a cliché? It depends on who you are talking to.

Why are we not decorating with red Ferragamo boxes? Or Lanvin or H&M?

I guess because no other box except maybe the Tiffany blue box are tell tales of the wealthy. For those of us who cannot afford to go shopping at Hermes, an empty box is the next best thing and equally as satisfying. At least it is something from Hermes.
The main thing here is a box that is too pretty to throw away, should be put to a good use while being decorative. Do you think the use of boxes such as these could become ubiquitous, like status shoes "casually" dropped on the floor, or are they just a classic element of design?


  1. Well, actually, the wealthy throw these boxes away as soon as they come in the house. And I for one couldn't agree more. I don't want my home to look like a retail space. I don't like the look at all.

  2. I also am drawn to boxes & there are stacks of them about the house. You have very smart taste, young man.

  3. Oh I love some of the looks with this boxes hehe...Though when I bought my tie they didn´t give me a box just a package...bummer!!!

    The Black Label

  4. i adore gifts in such cute boxes...
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  5. I love them. The hermes orange is such a dramatic and statement making color, who wouldn't want to live with it? I definitely don't think they make the home look like a retail space, but instead imbue it with a casual refinement.

  6. I had a box fetish, and admire good packaging. However, a number of house moves have meant that they have been binned. I do however recycle Veuve Clicquot boxes as a wine rack, (within shelving) to store my champagne and wine. I like that colour too. Here some enterprising company has made leather accoutrements - waste paper bins, file boxes etc - in the same Hermes orange.

  7. I too collect them. I've got an Hermes one, a Tiffany one too, not the others that you feature.
    I imagine nobody would through them away, they are meant to be kept ! :-)

  8. Hello David:
    Wonderful packaging in the form of boxes such as you illustrate here are, we feel, too good to throw out and so, consequently, become decorative items in their own right. We tend to use them for keeping letters and card which we do not wish to part with. However, we should certainly be able to place a collection of Hermes boxes!!

  9. Is this a hint as to you getting me something Hermes? No empty boxes please! Haha.. I do like the idea of using them as decoration though.. Where in Australia did you grow up?

    Cheers! ~Angel

  10. i totally agree with you!!
    the hermes one is the best ever!!!!
    it's so chic and unforgetable!!

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  11. Lanvin it's so chic. Very elegant.
    Love the looks with this boxes. Great packaging.
    Tiffany is nice too.

  12. I collect boxes! I save them and use them as selves in my shoe closet. ( I dont know if that makes sense. But maybe Ill post a picture of it soon )
    xoxo, Thanks for the comment

  13. Space in my tiny house is at a premium, so I would never stack empty boxes just to make a statement. But if I could use the boxes for specific items, I would and I do. I keep handkerchiefs in a handsome Chanel box, and I've kept larger Tiffany boxes for storage. The quandry for me is that such retail items compete with equally great antique retail items, like my cigar boxes!

  14. David,
    I love all your images and totally agrre are pretty packages just the best! Not to mention they do a lot to lesson the disappointment if the gift isn't quite right.

  15. i have to agree, boxes are much more than just something to throw away, they in fact can be even more important than what's inside, because they need to attract one's attention.
    I've also used boxes to decorate my home, it was a costless and effective thing to do i think.

    Costin M.

  16. Great to know I'm not alone in this. Boxes are great alternative for storage, keeping things organized and decoration as you have flawlessly posted.

  17. love packaging! it's so interesting!


  18. I also love the boxes, once I have used my book packaging and I did some!
    My favorite are the brown cardboard!
    A hug and thank you very much for your comments, they make me very happy!

  19. Many thanks all for all your great comments. The general consensus is that we all want Hermes boxes to decorate with! I also keep special boxes and use them for storage!

    Melina and Ihamo, many thanks for your visits and comments!

  20. h i'm a sucker, can never throw away pretty stuff.

    actually, i saw some H boxes for sale the other month on etsy. they have a cult status!

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