Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Does Your Savoir FAire Stand the Test of Time?

Well Savoir Faires, I am actually nearing 500 posts on this little blog! I never thought that I would get to this milestone as since when I started blogging I did not know where this would take me. That considered I thought I would show a bit of savoir faire through the ages, with just a touch of humour!

Below are some photos from a well known women’s magazine in Australia (which shall remain nameless). Each week they would have a feature called “What People are wearing’. It usually showed the society set, who had all the savoir faire in the world (for 1973 anyway) at various society functions generally being, glamorous, intelligent and oh so with it. While growing up in the middle of nowhere in Australia I used to read this section religiously .Just goes to show that what is considered the height of style one year is so terribly de trop the next.

Original captions from the magazine are with the photos.

‘Mr and Mrs Tony Richardson at The Sunday Painters Exhibition held by Committee Members of the Peter Pan Kindergartens at their Paddington Headquarters. Mrs. Richardson looks stunning in velvet flares and matching jacket.'

I guess Mrs. Richardson thought that this would never go out of style, and the fact that she was described as stunning kind of clinches the deal for me.

'Peta Oxer was a guest at the annual dinner dance held by members of the Avant Garde Committee at the Menzies Hotel (Sydney) in aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind. The Gold fish pendant Peta wore with her beautifully styled shantung dress added an unusual touch.'

The thing that I am wondering is that there was an “Avant Garde Committee” and that they had regular soirées like the one Ms. Oxer was attending and why wasn’t I invited?

'Mrs Kym Bonython wore a New Guinea tribesman's mask and an animal printed silk dress to the Night of Fantasy arranged by the Pied Piper Committee and held at the Elizabeth Bay home of the Cedric Symonds'

I am still wondering which museum she stole that mask from?

‘Mrs Helen Mullinger wore a domed yellow beret’. I think that this is all they could say on this particular entry as words just escape me.

Mrs Mullinger obviously had not considered what this would look like in September, 2011 where she has unwittingly found herself on a blog of do's and dont's about savoir faire.

Mr and Mrs George Hutchison were among the audience at the new Total Theatre when it opened with a production of Guys and Dolls. Mrs Hutchinson wore a silver fox stole with her red wool crepe dress. Her husband was in a black Kangaroo Coat.

PETA is still trying to track this couple down.

Mrs Dean Davies wore a yellow lace trimmed calico evening dress, matching scarf and beaded jewellery.

While everyone is looking fabulous, Mrs Davies is wondering where her next valium is coming from.

Mrs Shirley Barnett took second prize with the head-hugging helmet of silver, green and turquoise leaves she wore with her silk jersey gown'.

This is just before that head hugging helmet found its way into the trash. I wonder who got first prize?

So style mavericks, think carefully before posing on that staircase, cigarette and drink in hand, wearing chartreuse, think to yourself, “Is this going to stand the test of time?” Just as I ma asking myself will this blog stand the test of time?


  1. it's always fun looking at photos from past decades (except maybe the 80's). always a pleasure reading your blog.


  2. Yes, your blog will stand the test of time, and does — always funny, interesting and cool! Congratulations on approaching 500 posts!

  3. Congrats David and thank you for making me smile tonight! Our family loves to go through photos. The nieces, nephews and grandchildren are always rolling on the floor in laughter.

    Art by Karena

  4. this post might not show australia at it's best.
    it's most insane maybe.

  5. oh my goodness! Peta Oxer is my new style heroine....well, maybe right next to Mrs. Shirley Barnett.

  6. I would lurrrve to have tea time with Mrs Mullinger & gossip! Many more wonderful posts to come David, you're a pro!


  7. Funny you ask, it is a constant question of mine. Looking at old pictures of family and friends i always wonder what ours would look like to our children or the next generation when everything in those pictures is not "in" anymore. The worrying part is when you start to notice some of your own not withstanding the test of time !!

  8. Oh God, some of the outfits belong straight to the House of Horrors, with all those kangaroo coats, domed hats and leave helmets. But even more bewitching are all the unheard of, unlikely Committees of the era.
    My advice for a Savoir Faire survival would certainly be: Do not belong to a Committee :-)

  9. Congratulations on nearing 500 posts! I just love your blog, and find it totally unique! Every time I visit, I feel like I get a little education in fashion history. :)

  10. Hello David:
    Congratulations on reaching this amazing blogging milestone. Like all good wine, your blog continues to just get better and better and every drop can be savoured.

    We have long since favoured the darkened room when any cameras are in evidence and the horrors you show here would have done well to do that too. Some fashion decades really do struggle to produce anything stylish and we tend to think of the 1970s in that regard!!

    Wishing you continued success!!!

  11. Congrats on 500 posts dear friend! Ahh this is such a great reminder to all of those who are slaves to fashion trends. I try not to be tempted or swayed by any trend simply because it is in style. I might participate here and there, but this is a great example of why classics will always stand the test of time! By the way, I giggled at your comment on my shoe giveaway. :):) Of course you are free to enter if you are so inclined... ;)


  12. Congrats David on 500 posts.
    Your blog is always so interesting, glamourous, and sometimes funny. It's a pleasure reading your blog.
    Love this post.

  13. 500 posts! Congratulations David :)
    I was thinking about fashion-absurds recently... having fun and predicting which present trends are going to be the most hilarious in the future.

  14. A very hearty Congratulations! on your 500th post. We are eagerly waiting for the 1000th post

  15. Darn, I was so witty last night and wrote a defense for each woman in each photograph, and said that I thought each one could wear the exact same thing today and be perfectly fine in public at some party. Even the tennis ball hat. But the system wasn't having any of it and wouldn't load by comment. Oh well.

    And many congratulations on 500! Well done.

  16. Such a funny post..well thats why you have so many followers! Because you have a great taste of humour!
    on a lighter not i agere with you,Greece is such a lovely place to visit(found your comment on a blog)

  17. why blogger comments are so stupid?

    on the comment above I wrote
    *lighter note I agree*

  18. J'adore ton blog un peu décalé !
    Bise xx

  19. Will it stand the test of time? Yeah, it probably will. But will it stand the test of meteor strike. No, it probably want. :)

  20. Ahh, some of these are hilarious! Great post!!

  21. Congrats for reaching this milestone! And to many more!


  22. always so interesting posts!!!
    love this one!!! the picture are STUNNING!

    Syriously in Fashion
    Syriously Facebook Page


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