Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dialing M for Murder?

One of the top ten movies being ranked as number 9 in the mystery genre, Dial M for Murder is one of Hitchcock’s classics. Starring Grace Kelly, Ray Millard and Robert Cummings it is a movie full of Savoir Faire.

So have these young lovelies outfitted in Lanvin and Madeleine de Rauche couture dialed M for Murder or S for Savoir Faire?

You be the judge!


  1. wow, lanvin? truly was the golden age of hollywood.

  2. Dialed S of course! Hmm you can never go wrong with a classic.. I may be only 23, but can never get tired of classic movies!

    Love! ~Angel

  3. I think they've dialed 1-800 S *and* M.

    They look like the type. :)

  4. Never seen the movie but definetely gonna check it out! I love the style on it...btw I´ve also been very very lost of the blogging world..and actually you will be the first of my followers I will explain see I was working as stylist for a really cool company over here and after sometime they decided to open a Fashion & Arts Magazine and they appointed me Editor in Chief!! Of course I was startled, happy and again startled and then a little bit more haha, I am really happy but it has been A LOT of work, its a digital magazine, for the moment, and we are realising it on November 7th so there you go haha I can´t wait for everyone to see it..I hope people likes it.

    The Black Label

  5. beautiful photos , i love this films !


  6. Hello David:
    Surely one of the best of all Hitchcock films for elegance, style and, of course, Savoir Faire. Not least on account of the somewhat enigmatic Grace Kelly who made such a success of turning herself from film star into autocratic princess.

  7. Lovely images. I loved the film, and watched it several times. Such a true classic.

    Lovely styles. Miss that era of Hollywood.

  8. I love classic movies.
    Hitchcock : i love. So talented. And Grace Kelly was so elegant.
    Great photos.

  9. Love Hitchcock movies, they all are classics and can be watched as many times as one wants .

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  11. Perhaps, David, you are like I am — I often need to see movies twice because I am so focused on the details of the background!

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  13. ohhh how i love this movie!!!


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