Sunday, November 27, 2011

Has Your Luggage Been Lost?

With many of you travelling this weekend, it is always a sinking feeling when you have arrived at your destination, waited patiently at the baggage carrousel only to find that your luggage has not made it to the same destination as you have. I know as it has happened to me several times!

So when you have to check your luggage, make sure it satnds out on the baggage carrousel.


  1. David interesting because I have been considering some unique luggage for my next travels!

    Thinking Very positively!!


    Art by Karena

  2. Yes, it's really boring - and tiresome - to identify one's "black" suitcase in the middle of the "black" tide :-)

  3. and i can't figure out what this is.

  4. Happy Holidays! I have had my luggage lost soooo many times, it's quite hilarious when I think about it.

  5. I remember before when I was flying with Delta here in the US they would always lose my bag! Such a pain! Especially when you are standing waiting for it like a complete idiot.. Haha I so want a bag like this one.

    Love! ~Angel

  6. Great image! Eye catching -love it!

  7. my frustration, though, is that you bring a nice luggage only to see it full of scratches and dirt upon baggage claim. :(

  8. Yes it's true, it must be very careful in his luggage.
    This photo is a great choice.

  9. All I can say is wow!

    Must admit ... with all the travel I've done, my luggage has never been lost ... shouldn't speak too soon as I'm going to Oz for the holidays and am crossing my fingers it doesn't happen!

  10. One thing for sure - I always carry my camera as carry-on!

  11. Norma, I have not got the foggiest.

    I have bought myself a bright yellow case and yes now it is covered in scratches.

    Thanks all for your comments

  12. he is handsome! my luggage is pretty bland :)


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