Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter Woollies

I have always been a fan of knitwear. Having grown up with the Martha Stewart of Australia as a mother, I couldn’t help but love it. Jumpers, scarves, gloves you name it I love it. With the colder weather now here, it is the time to bring out the knitwear.

When I was younger I could show my talented mother any of these and say "please" and a couple of days or weeks later I would have an exact replica. I am forever indebted to her for keeping me supplied in fabulous knitwear.

Now I must say men's knitwear has come a long way in the last 30 years pr so. I love big bulky avant-garde styles, which unfortunately do not suit my rather small frame (and age). However if I was 20 something with model good looks I would definitely be saying please to my mother and donning some of these pieces!

Stay warm!


  1. I love that long black sweater- not so sure about the leather straps around the neck scarf-

  2. These are definitely some of the most unique knitwear pieces I have seen! I'm actually digging the leather straps, I rather like unique touches like these...and I'm so into these looks for winter too!


  3. love everything here! Seriously want! The first two especially ugh ahha


  4. Yes, mothers, and girlfriends too, used to knit for their beloveds!

  5. Everything is so nice, i love it !
    It's perfect for winter. I want these pieces.

  6. You must start knitting yourself! It can be pure bliss.

    I use NORO yearn and feel like I knit a flower field without much effort. Pure colour-therapy when stressed. My Japanese friend gave me a full set of bamboo needles before they were common in Norway. Nice to work with - of use rosewood for an extra aesthetic knitting experience.

    And there is angora for a daily fluff/flutter:)

  7. You can still wear them! Haha must have been nice to have a Martha Stewart mom like that.. :)

    All the best, ~Angel

  8. Men's knitwear has definitely improved in the recent past. It used to be so clunky and unfashionable. These pieces are just great!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Hi David,

    I am having trouble leaving you comments. Hope you get this.

    Brrr! I just saw the weather report for back East. You're going to have to wear several layers of these woolies.

    How I envy your Mum's knitting talent. I have tried to learn several times, only to fail.

    Oh well - Marjorie

  10. Oh your mom sounds the BEST! Love that she did that for you.

    Speaking of cold, we are really cooling off here in Vancouver ... no power for 8 hrs today made my home an ice box!

    Nancy xo

  11. the knitwear you've shown here are really good. i'm especially fond of the first two.

  12. Wonderful winter dress and good looks

  13. freek i love this collections:)

  14. oohh how I love things made from this material!! :DD

  15. Great BLOG!!! ;-)

    your welcome in


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