Monday, December 5, 2011

The Original Tom Ford?

As much as I love Tom Ford and his savoir faire, sometimes he (or his publicity team) does lack a certain amount of originality.

I had touched on this once before in a previous post. (see here)

So is there any doubt as to where Mr. Ford (or his team) got the inspiration for the photo below?

I am sure that inspiration came from the below photo of Marc Bohan and model taken in the
1960’s. Or is it just a coincidence?


  1. Gee, back in the day the two models were roughly the same age, it seems.
    Wonder why it's changed

    And as much as I have long been in lust with Mr Ford, he needs to get out of his own ads.

  2. there's no such thing as a coincident.

  3. maybe. or maybe not. the photos are really good, though, nonetheless.

  4. Oh, but no more white gloves!

  5. i bet it was more the inspiration than a coincidence! good find! :)

  6. Oh yes Marc Bohan, i remember.
    I think it's not a coincidence.

  7. woah i also think the same ;)

    nice blog btw, i'm following you now!
    hope you Follow me back dear <3

  8. i like this a lot!!
    thanks for the comment :)

  9. Fabienne, it is stylish isn't it?

    Harry, many thanks and you too!

    Jerome, many thanks for your visit and comment. I am also following you now as you have great style.

    Dimitri, I think I might do a post on Marc Bohan as he lots of style!

    Blond, it took me a while to find it. I think it is the inspiration also.

    Pet, the gloves make it!

    HalfWhiteboy, yes as you say they are all great photographs

    Norma, that is what you say!

    Jason, maybe YOU should be in his ads!

  10. You could be right! As for savoir faire, there was something about the '60s that made anything they did so cool and chic. I just saw the old film "Blow Up" and '60s London was so freakin' mod!

  11. In fact, I like the original better. It's sad when they run out of ideas. Duh!

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  13. You have a great observation Tom. May be Mr. Ford's team does it because50s and 60s are the decades of great style and elegance.

    Well Mr. Tom Fords clothes are outrageously expensive, you have to be a hedge fund manager to afford them, which I am not :)

  14. That is no model. It's the legend that is Comtesse Jacqueline de Ribes.

  15. Anorexic, Yes how about that!

    Scot, I knew I knew the face! Thanks so much!

    Paisly, I think you are right.The 50's and 60s were the day!

    Herdiana, many thanks for your comment, will visit your sites.

    Pratishta, I know, originality, I think not!

    Foolish, I love love that film!


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