Thursday, July 22, 2010

Savoir Faire Intervention

Who says that being a dictator leaves you devoid of any sort of Savoir Faire? There is no reason that because you might have a despotic disposition and your hands tainted with pain, suffering and corruption that you cannot do it in style.

Take Kim Jong Il of North Korea, for all his shortcomings as a leader you can’t deny that he looks smashing in his vintage Courreges sunnies. (Yes, it is confirmed they are Courreges).

Whether these were old stock lying around a Pyongyang Department Store or whether Kim got them from his favourite vintage consignment store I am not too sure, however it is a step in the right direction. All we need to have now is a Savoir Faire intervention and get rid of those strange coloured, shapeless suits he keeps wearing. Maybe he should go with the white suit that Gadaffi is advocating this summer? More in tune with the sunnies don’t you think?

Who would you like to see have a Savoir Faire Intervention?


  1. sorry to say, but maybe Hilary?

    I think she's buying her shapeless suits at the same Dictator Warehouse as Kim.

  2. oh, if only the sob could see with those Courreges shades.

  3. Jason, you are so right about Hilary, I think they do shop at the same warehouse!

    Gail, they seemed to have blinded him a tad


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